Green Action in Full Swing

Date:Nov 20, 2008
Green Action in Full Swing
Green Action in Full Swing

Li Fengyan, a staff member at YICT, shares her experience of taking part in YICT’s first Environmental Awareness Promotion Week activities in 2007.

To promote “green” awareness by sharing environmental information
When I attended the environmental awareness contest, I was greatly impressed by my colleagues’ knowledge of environmental issues. Both contestants and the audience could give very good, if not perfect, answers to the questions asked by the contest hosts. It is true that those who have an awareness of green issues will influence the people around them, and those who are influenced will in turn influence the others beside them. I’m therefore fully convinced that more and more people will join in on the global green action.
Being “green conscious”

Another Promotion Week activity that interested me very much was the artwork contest featuring original works of art made of refuse. Various waste materials, such as old newspapers, broken umbrellas and even the husks of melon seeds, were transformed into lovely handicrafts. Amazed by these works, I suddenly realised that it doesn’t take much to do one’s part for the environment; all we need to do is to be green conscious, and for each one of us to make an effort however small. Even just a little bit will help.

Cinderella Chen is a staff member at YICT. She shares her experience of the company’s environmental protection initiatives when she worked on the “Green Action” kick-off ceremony held on 31 January 2007.
Most of us who live in Shenzhen may be accustomed to the haze. Just in 2006 alone, there were 164 days of hazy weather. The annual figure would absolutely not have exceeded ten days 22 years ago. 

What speeds up environmental deterioration? Is it the rapid industrialisation or a sharply increasing population? What should we do to protect our environment? I heard that YICT was planning to set up an environmental protection working group and that a kick-off ceremony for YICT’s environmental protection initiatives would be held at the same time. Perhaps they can give me the answers. So I joined the working group.

The ceremony was to be held at the end of January (2007), and only less than a month was left for the preparations. Members of our team quickly got together and discussed a working plan, which included the ceremony agenda, the ceremony setting, the stage backdrop design, the video to be played during the ceremony, souvenirs, guest invitations and the certificates of appointment for the environmental protection working group members.

When the ceremony setting and backdrop design came up for discussion, we all agreed they should feature a “green” concept. Several ideas were put forward: one was decorating the venue with disused tyres. Another one was to recycle used multi-coloured paper for putting together a patchwork making up the logo of YICT’s “Green Action” campaign—the environmental protection initiatives. The plan was to get the logo to be placed on the backdrop by the ceremony’s honoured guests. These ideas turned out to work pretty well.

When I helped taking photos of materials for the stage backdrop, I saw, for the first time, how silt was separated from water through a filter press at the port’s water treatment workshop. By the quay, I met a man, in his boat, collected rubbish floating on the surface of the water. At the container yard, the reconfigured rubber-tyred gantry cranes were already being powered by electricity instead of diesel. Solar-powered lamp posts were installed along the roads inside the terminal grounds. Suddenly I realised, for the first time, how much effort was being put into the port’s green environmental initiative.

All the preparation work was done by following a tight but well-organised schedule. When the day finally came, all of our hard work paid off. The ceremony was quite a success; it received warm support from our colleagues. Seeing the guests leave in high spirits discussing the events of the ceremony and the souvenirs (our aptly chosen staple-free staplers and recycled bags), I felt really great, not only from the positive feedback we received, but also because of what I’ve learned from my short time with the working group.