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YANTIAN—PML Transports Urgent Cargo for ZTE

Date:Mar 4, 2020
PML Transports Urgent Cargo for ZTE YANTIAN’s Sea-railway Intermodal Service Routes
PML Transports Urgent Cargo for ZTE

During the period of the COVID-19 outbreak, YANTIAN’s intermodal operations remain normal and is able to provide a variety of options for cargo transportation. Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited (PML) actively adopts precautionary measures for epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time flexibly adjust the operation arrangement for the customer needs.

Recently, ZTE switched road transport to rail transport due to the urgent needs of its customers in Central Asia. According to ZTE’s demand, PML adjusted the logistic plan for many times, including providing door-to-door, cargo positioning and tracking services. After the plan was approved by ZTE, PML completed the pickup and dispatch of the cargoes within the scheduled time. On February 21, a freight train loaded with 43 containers of ZTE’s cargoe departed from the Yantian station of PML for Horgos, Xinjiang.

The service provided by PML this time not only demonstrated the green, safe and stable features of rail transport, but also fully reflected the flexibility and resilience of PML’s services and the PML’s improvements in service levels, winning recognition from its customers.

At present, PML, with 15 sea-rail services, can customize the transportation plan on the basis of customer needs and provide flexible, green and high standard services for customers.