En-route to becoming a world-class port, we recognise our social responsibility and the importance of safeguarding the environment. We are therefore committed to implementing a long-term, sustainable strategy to ensure environmental protection in all our commercial activities.

Comply with or, where possible, exceed the environmental requirements of all relevant local, provincial and state legislation and regulations; Manage our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner, by minimising pollution and waste through the principles of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; Integrate environmental considerations including costs, risks, impact and community concerns into our business planning, facility design and infrastructure development processes; Conserve our resources through efficient use, careful planning and energy-saving products. We will use environmentally safe and sustainable materials and energy sources to meet our needs; Address and continuously assess the impact on the environment via the adoption of a sustainable procurement policy to influence our suppliers and contractors in making a positive contribution towards protecting the environment; Communicate, promote and encourage employees' participation in conservation and environmental awareness through continuous education and training; Work with our stakeholders, associates, government bureaus and other parties to develop and set environmental priorities for development, traffic and other issues affecting the Yantian region;

Actively manage, report and publish environmental indicators to ensure compliance with environmental regulations; The Policy will be reviewed annually to ensure its consistency with any changes in environmental legislation and regulations.