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Port Entry Procedures

Yantian Port is a frontier area which is under both the frontier inspection management and customs jurisdictions. All external truck drivers and vehicles are required to obtain permission to enter YICT. Detailed procedures are as follows.

For External Truck Drivers – "External Truck Driver's Training Pass"

Drivers of trucking companies which have registered with YICT, who need to be familiar with terminal traffic and operations, are required to obtain an "External Truck Driver's Training Pass". They shall show the pass whenever entering the terminal for training. This pass is valid for two months.
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For External Trucks – Port Community Card

A container truck entering the terminal shall present a Port Community Card (PCC) and the truck drivers' ID card.
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Notice for Safe Driving

The terminal has strict driving rules and regulations. To ensure the safety of everyone, you are requested to bear in mind the following rules while driving.

  • Please slow down when entering an entry gate. Please drive in the indicated lane when leaving an exit gate. For an empty container leaving an exit gate, the left door of the container shall be opened and fastened to avoid wounding people and damaging facilities.
    Maximum height and width limits in the entry gate lanes: 5.0 and 3.0 metres respectively. Maximum height and width limits in the exit gate lanes: 4.5 and 3.0 metres respectively. Maximum height and width limits for empty chassis in the exit gate lanes: 3.8 and 3.0 metres respectively.
    Maximum height limit in the side entrances and administration gate lanes: 3.8 metres.
    Over-sized cargo shall, subject to approval of YICT Gatehouses, enter or leave the terminal via the specified lanes only. If necessary, ask the Control and Planning Centre to lead the truck.
    No reversing is allowed in the entry and exit gate lanes.
  • Park your truck properly in the designated parking space. Do not park in passageways.
    Long-stay parking of a truck in the terminal is not allowed without the approval of the Duty Manager.
  • Comply with the "Measures of YICT on External Truck Management".
    Maximum speed: 40 km/hr.
    Slow down to look or stop to yield before crossing junctions. The speed limit when approaching or crossing junctions is 20 km/hr.
    Give way to moving cranes. Follow the instructions of on-site operators.
    Drive and park your truck according to traffic signs and line markings.
    Speed limit at the entry and exit gate lanes is 10 km/hr.
Definition of Container Yards

The terminal container yard is divided into two parts. The yard under customs supervision is regarded as the main yard, while the one beyond customs supervision is the DP yard, including the DP1 and PR2 yards.

Other yards which have agreements with YICT are defined as "external yards".

The names "RTGC yard" and "Eagle yard" come from the machines used and operated at their respective yards. Rubber-tyred Gantry Cranes are used in the RTGC yard. Front loaders (nicknamed Eagles) are used in the Eagle yard. Laden containers, some empty containers, and damaged containers are stacked in the RTGC yard, while empty containers are stacked in the Eagle yard.

Administration of Traffic Rule Violations

Please visit http://ssdc.yict.com.cn/yictvm/index.jsp to track the disciplinary actions taken if you break traffic rules, including driving in the wrong direction, illegal parking, dangerous driving, and not closing the container door properly.

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