Port Facilities

Where there are cargoes, there are depots; where there are depots, there are services. Besides choosing depots around the port area to store their cargo, Shenzhen Hutchison Inland Container Depots (SHICD) can be another good choice for customers especially when the manufacturing areas are near the terminals. Cargo in SHICD enjoys one-off customs clearance and direct loading on board services.

SHICD, as a member of the HPH Group of companies, was established in 1997, located in Guanlan, Baoan District, Shenzhen. SHICD has developed extensive warehousing and container depot facilities. It offers efficient cargo consolidation, distribution, warehousing, and container storage to meet different needs of customers. Like YICT, SHICD is under the same supervision of Dapeng Customs and provides a one-stop customs clearance service. When the cargo goes out of SHICD, it is released by the customs stationed on-site in SHICD, and allowed to directly go on board as soon as it arrives at YICT. Moreover, when the outbound cargo enters the export supervisory warehouses through customs transit or customs clearance, it can choose either YICT or other terminals in Shenzhen as the passage to be shipped all over the world. SHICD shares warehousing information with YICT, and has set up a dedicated passage at the in-gates of the terminal to achieve joint operation.

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