February 14, 2023
A Big Step in the New Year: YANTIAN-Zhongshan Port Alliance Further Prospers the Greater Bay Area
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On 9 February, the launch ceremony and promotion event of YANTIAN-Zhongshan Port Alliance was held in Zhongshan, Guangdong. Guests including Gao Xiaobo, Deputy Director of Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Dong Yanze, Director of the Department of Port and Shipping Administration of Shenzhen Transport Bureau, Jiang Haiyan, Deputy Director of Zhongshan Port Customs, Zhang Chixian, Deputy General Manager of Sinotrans South China Co., Ltd, Raymond Chan, Operation Director of YANTIAN, and Neville Lam, General Manager of Commercial Department of YANTIAN, attended the event. 

YANTIAN-Zhongshan Port Alliance, established to implement the national strategic plan and drive the synergistic development of port clusters in the Greater Bay Area for more stable and efficient industry chain and supply chain, marks that exporters in Zhongshan and even those on the west bank of the Pearl River can enjoy more convenient port services to further reduce clearance time and logistics costs.


Supported by the government and port supervisory departments, YANTIAN and Zhongshan Sinotrans Port have worked closely together to launch the YANTIAN-Zhongshan Port Alliance. Relying on blockchain, IoT, and other advanced technologies, the two parties can now share the port code for information connectivity, mutual recognition of customs supervision, and optimised resource allocation. In the future, with the establishment of more port alliances in the Greater Bay Area, the overall competitiveness of the regional port cluster will be continuously increased, and the transportation and distribution system will be further improved.

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At the event, Crystal Pang, Senior Manager of Commercial Department of YANTIAN, and Lisa Wu, Manager of Operations Management Department, Sinotrans South China Co., Ltd Zhongshan & Zhuhai Regional Operations Center, gave a detailed introduction of the port alliance respectively. The promotion event also featured a Q&A session, where participants actively interacted with the service team in the hope of promoting the long-term development of the port alliance service. 


On the day of the event, containers loaded with commodities manufactured in Zhongshan, after the one-stop cargo declaration, inspection, and release procedures, were transported to Yantian Port via feeder service. These containers were then loaded onto mega-vessels at YANTIAN for shipment to the global market. The whole process takes much less time and costs for clearance, offering great convenience for exporters of the region.


Mr. Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of YANTIAN, said, "Looking ahead, YANTIAN will continue to work together with all parties involved to improve the network of intermodal service and leverage Shenzhen's role as a national port logistics hub, contributing to the quality development of the Greater Bay Area, supporting China's peak carbon emission and carbon neutrality targets, and securing the supply chain and the industry chain."