May 16, 2023
Express Our Love for Mother Earth: YANTIAN Holds Tree Planting Activity to Go Green
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Let's go green! 

On May 13, YANTIAN, together with the Yantian District Government and Tianxin Primary School, held a GO GREEN tree planting activity.

As the Mother's Day was around the corner, we expressed our love for the mother Earth and our desire to build a green port to protect the blue sky and clean water with our actions.


Go green and protect the environment

YANTIAN has yielded exciting results in building a green port. According to a study by the National Forestry and Grassland Administration, one tree can absorb 18 kg of carbon dioxide per year. YANTIAN has been using the shore power system, electric gantry cranes, and LNG-powered tractors. These measures have achieved carbon emissions reductions equivalent to planting nearly 9,650,000 trees in the past four years.

Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports YANTIAN, said, "GO GREEN is a global annual green initiative organized by Hutchison Ports and other port operators, and this year marks the 8th year that YANTIAN has held the GO GREEN tree planting activity. We believe that with our joint efforts, we will turn the blue sky and clean water into invaluable assets."
6.jpgSu Feng, Deputy Head of Yantian District Government, stated that YANTIAN has been fulfilling its social responsibility through practical actions, living up to its commitment to nature and the future. YANTIAN is striving to lead the way in achieving carbon peak and carbon neutrality, setting an example of energy saving and carbon emission reduction.

In YANTIAN's persistence in going green, tree planting is just a part of it. From water quality to air quality, from port construction to operation, from the past to the future, we have been actively responding to the national environmental protection strategies and decisions, practicing our commitment to a green and low-carbon port with practical actions. In the past four years, we have won the "Best Green Container Terminal Award" three times.


Over the past decade, despite tremendous growth in throughput, we have seen a significant reduction in carbon emissions per TEU.
●  YANTIAN is the first port in China to deploy electric RTGCs on a large scale.
●  YANTIAN is the port with the largest shore to ship power supply capacity in China, which can cover 17 berths.
●  YANTIAN was the first port in China to use LNG-powered tractors on a large scale back in 2010.

Last year, as an advocate, promoter and practitioner of green and low-carbon port development, YANTIAN appeared in the China Corner at the COP27, showcasing its green efforts to the world.

Our actions to protect the environment

Over the years, YANTIAN has been committed to protecting marine ecosystem and biodiversity and promoting energy-efficient lighting. In addition to protecting the environment in terminal operations, we are always identifying new ways to build a greener, healthier work environment and reduce our carbon footprint. We have established an environmental protection committee to encourage our employees to save energy in the office and participate in various activities such as tree planting, beach cleaning, and environmental protection suggestion collection to promote the green and sustainable development, creating bluer sky and cleaner water together.


A world-class terminal equipped with world-class intelligent and green technologies

The exterior of new office towers is outfitted with eco-friendly low-emission (Low-E) glass, which can reduce cold energy loss by 50% compared to ordinary glass curtain walls and maintains temperature of the buildings. The East Port under construction uses new energy sources, with photovoltaics installed on top of the sheds of the gatehouses and maintenance workshops, and a sponge city design that not only prevents flooding but also collects and reuses rainwater. In terms of the terminal design, the maximum wind speed for the quay cranes to withstand is 70.7m/s (over level-17 wind), and drainage facilities are designed to withstand rain storms rarely seen in 50 years. The East Port will also make efforts in intelligent development for a smart and green future.


Looking ahead, YANTIAN will expedite its pace to transform and upgrade port equipment towards electrification, improve energy efficiency, and explore the application of renewable energy in localised scenarios to create a sustainable port ecosystem.