April 23, 2023
Service Debut: The First "YANTIAN-Zhuzhou" ZIM Sea-rail Service Arrived at YANTIAN
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On April 22, the first train of the "YANTIAN-Zhuzhou" ZIM sea-rail service arrived at YANTIAN.


Since the signing of the cooperation agreement between ZIM and Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited (PML), this is the first train rail service under the agreement. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the train, both sides carried out discussions before the start of the project on all aspects of operation. According to the vessel schedule and the time of cargo delivery from the factory, a plan for container deployment was carefully arranged. At the same time, PML paid close attention to the operations of inland port, ensuring that the process of container pick- up and grounding is safe and smooth. This year, ZIM has been committed to developing the sea-rail services, and there will be more opportunities for win-win cooperation in the future.

As of April 16, the export laden container volume of the "YANTIAN-Zhuzhou" sea-rail service has increased by several times year-on-year.

The growth rate of the YANTIAN-Zhuzhou service is the highest among all services of YANTIAN in the Central China region. The safe and stable export of engineering and mechanical equipment, an advantageous industry in Zhuzhou, is perfectly aligned with the local logistics needs, and also helps enterprises fulfill their social responsibility of environmental protection.


Recently, the European Parliament struck a political deal on the world-first carbon border tariff, known as the "most profound carbon market reform in Europe". It is foreseeable that international transportation companies will increasingly invest in green transportation to be well prepared for the future. Since its establishment, YANTIAN has been committed to developing green transportation and reducing carbon emissions, and this green sea-rail service is a forward-looking environmental protection initiative jointly launched by YANTIAN and its customers.

As a key hub port in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the largest container terminal run by a single operator in the world, YANTIAN is always committed to providing customers with comprehensive logistics solutions and efficient transportation services. In the future, we will further offer more and better sea-rail services to serve China's high-quality international trade, the achievement of peak carbon and carbon neutrality goals, and a smooth and efficient supply chain and industry chain.

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