May 1, 2023
Thank You, All YANTIANers: Together, We Grow with the Port
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Thank you all for your hard work.

In every corner of YANTIAN, there are countless hard-working individuals who deserve respect and recognition. With their hands and wisdom, these people weave the dream of YANTIAN to be an international shipping hub in the Greater Bay Area. Here, we wish all friends of the port industry a Happy Labour Day.

🚢 Thank you all for your hard work 1684288276922072686.png

Thank you for working with YANTIAN for more than 30 years, unwavering in your commitment to providing safe and efficient operations to complete the most difficult tasks at the port. Together, we have created world records by delivering over 100 million and 200 million TEU in very short periods of time, and are dedicating every drop of sweat towards achieving the goal of 300 million TEU.


Thank you for using your craftsmanship and rigorous attitude to ensure the efficient frontline operation and container handling. Green technologies allow us to reduce carbon emissions by 7,400 tons each year, and win the "Best Green Container Terminal Award" three times in four years.


Thank you for contributing your "she" power to the port. Your efforts have enabled Shenzhen to lead the country in terms of international trade for the past 30 years.


Thank you for ensuring safe and efficient production through regular patrols, and being ready 24/7 to guard the safety of the port.


Thank you for allowing us to win six national-level awards including the Luban Prize and Tien-Yow Jeme Prize, the only port in China to achieve such accomplishment. It is with a craftsman's spirit that you carefully build each brick and pillar of the port and that the sand and earth here can be turned into one of the world's top-performing container terminals with 20 deep-water berths.


YANTIAN wishes all of you a Happy Labour Day!