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YICT Welcomes First Call of Yantian-Huizhou Feeder Service

Date:Apr 1, 2013
YICT welcomes first call of Yantian-Huizhou feeder service
YICT welcomes first call of Yantian-Huizhou feeder service

On 18 March, YICT welcomed the first barge of the Yantian-Huizhou Feeder Service.

Operated by Huizhou International Container Terminals, the Yantian-Huizhou Feeder Service has one 120-TEU barge and one 200-TEU barge. The two barges depart from the Yantian and Huizhou Ports, respectively, every day from Monday to Saturday, taking four hours for a single trip. With the launch of this service, customers in Huizhou and its periphery can benefit from a smooth and efficient logistics gateway for inbound and outbound cargo.

Huizhou and its periphery are the manufacturing hub for electronics and furniture, with the US and Europe as the major consumer markets. YICT, with its frequent international shipping services and efficient clearance procedures, combined with the one-stop logistics solutions it provides, has become the first choice for the manufacturers and cargo owners in the region. Feeder service, as a more cost-effective and eco-friendly logistics choice, is well-received by the market.

At present, YICT has a total of four feeder services connecting Yantian to ports in the Pearl River Delta region.