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New Modes of Clearance “Shipside Pickup and Loading” Launched at Yantian Port

Date:Feb 28, 2020
"shipside pickup" "shipside loading"
"shipside pickup"

Recently, the Dapeng Customs has launched innovative measures such as "shipside pickup" and "shipside loading" to meet the business needs of liner companies and cargo owners, reduce cost for clearance, and enhance international competitiveness of Yantian Port.

On February 26, a long liner loaded with 415 tons of tuna sailed into Yantian Port, following the call of the first vessel loaded with import tunas (bulk) at Yantian Port on February 13. Upon its arrival, the tunas were quickly hoisted from the vessel and packed into a reefer container, and were then loaded, weighed and released under the supervision of the Dapeng Customs. The clearance procedure was successfully completed in just 30 minutes.

The rapid clearance of these tunas has benefited from the Dapeng Customs' new supervision mode of "shipside pickup". Under this mode, the enterprise declares to the customs in advance before the vessel arrives at the port; when the vessel berths at the port, the cargoes can be discharged directly at shipside without going through inspection and be loaded onto the truck for shipment out of the terminal. Compared with the traditional mode, "shipside pickup" reduces the transportation, loading and unloading times of containers in the terminal, without the need of storage at the terminal, which improves transport efficiency and reduces logistics costs.

"Shipside pickup" is applicable to import cargoes, while “shipside loading” is applicable to export cargoes.

On February 27, a container truck transporting automobile glass headed to YANTIAN after being loaded at the factory in Henggang. Soon after arriving at the terminal, the truck received the information from the Customs that the cargoes had passed the review and can be directly delivered to the vessel "COSCO XIN BEIJING" for shipment to Canada. It took less than two hours for the cargoes to be transported from the factory to the container vessel. This is a vivid example of the “shipside loading” operation mode launched by the Dapeng customs.

"Shipside loading" of export cargoes means that the export cargoes will be released as soon as they arrive at the terminal if the enterprise declares to the Customs in advance, and they will be transported directly to the berth for loading onto the vessel. "Shipside loading" also reduces the transportation and loading/unloading times of the containers in the terminal without the need of storage at the container yard.

While taking active precautionary measures against COVID-19, we are committed to ensuring the terminal operations remain normal. Although it is still in the critical period of prevention and control of COVID-19, the production capacity of Yantian Port has been resumed to normal. During this emergency period, YANTIAN rapidly responded to customers’ needs, and introduced initiatives such as reducing storage yard use fees and expanding storage capacity to address the urgent needs of customers in a variety of aspects. The innovative measures introduced by the Dapeng Customs have not only further optimised the clearance environment of Yantian Port, but also helped enterprises to resume production quickly against the backdrop of COVID-19 outbreak, getting fully prepared for the overall recovery of foreign trade transportation.