June 29, 2020
YANTIAN Receives First Vessel from Zhuhai Hongwan-Yantian Service
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YANTIAN Receives First Vessel from Zhuhai Hongwan-Yantian Service
CCA Mode
WGO Mode

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, “Hui Hai Long 07”, the first feeder vessel of the Zhuhai Hongwan-Yantian direct service called at YANTIAN. Cargoes such as yachts, non-ferrous metals, and machine components were shipped to YANTIAN via the vessel for being loaded onto the line-haul container vessels for Europe and the US.

The service is an innovative low-carbon transport solution to boost the connectivity in the Guangdong-Hong Kong- Macau Greater Bay Area. Featuring the two modes of CCA and WGO, domestic cargoes and foreign trade cargoes can be transported on the same vessel which benefits shippers with more flexibility in customs declaration and cargo loading at their factory. It can also improve the utilization rate of shipping space, effectively reduce the logistics costs, and alleviate the impact of the pandemic on foreign trade enterprises. Meanwhile, it can promote environmental protection and reduce the pressure of urban road traffic. The service calls at YANTIAN twice a week, department from Hongwan every Wednesday and Saturday. The whole voyage takes about 14 to 15 hours.

CCA Mode refers to that export cargo is shipped to YANTIAN for export via barge after customs declaration at Hongwan Port. (Figure 2)

WGO Mode refers to that export cargo is shipped to YANTIAN from Hongwan Port via barge and declared for export at YANTIAN. (Figure 3)

Following the launch of “Sanshui - Jiujiang - Yantian Service” in mid-June, the Hongwan - Yantian Service harnesses the strength of YANTIAN’s barge network. As a result of the cooperation between Shenzhen and Zhuhai, the Hongwan - Yantian Service will help promote the development of ports in the Greater Bay Area, and lay a solid foundation for the establishment of Yantian Port as the transshipment centre and the development of Shenzhen Port as an international shipping hub.

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