August 28, 2020
"YANTIAN-Yueyang North" Intermodal Service Launched
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"YANTIAN-Yueyang North” Intermodal Service Launched

On 28 August, a train loaded with electronic products including printers departed from Yueyang North Station in Hunan province. Two days later, it will arrive at YANTIAN and the cargoes will be loaded onto the container vessel for export to the U.S. This marks the launch of “YANTIAN-Yueyang North” service.

The “YANTIAN-Yueyang North” starts from Yueyang North Station and goes directly to YANTIAN. It currently runs 4-6 services per week, with a single trip taking 48 hours. This is the third route of the intermodal service portfolio of YANTIAN to Hunan province following YANTIAN-Changsha and YANTIAN-Liling services. Since October last year, the Pingyan Railway has been conducting trial runs of the new service.

As the preferred port-of-call for mega-vessels in South China, YANTIAN, with its deep-water container berths and capability of serving the world’s largest vessel, has partnerships with all major shipping lines globally. At present, there are approximately 100 weekly services calling at Yantian, among which, 57 are European and American services, ranking first in South China. The extensive service network is very attractive to foreign trade enterprises exporting to the European and American markets.

As the “Gateway to North Human”, Yueyang is actively developing its electronic information industry and modern logistics industry. The terminal and intermodal services provided by YANTIAN will enable more customers in Yueyang to enjoy fast, safe and environmentally friendly logistics services, enhancing the economic vitality of the region and serving the growing need of the cargo owners of the region.