September 10, 2020
Accelerated Cargo Inspection by the Dapeng Customs Facilitates Efficient Port Operation
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The new cold chain inspection platform.

In the context of the ongoing COVID-19, YANTIAN has strived to expand business while maintaining stable operation. Harnessing on the existing routes in the first half of this year, three new North American routes, two new European routes and four new Asian routes were added in July and August, strengthening YANTIAN’s role as a shipping hub for line-haul transportation to the Europe and the U.S. and promoting the development of international transshipment. In August, YANTIAN set a new record for monthly throughput of over 1.42 million TEU, which is also a world record for a port run by a single operator, ranking first in the industry for three months in a row. Such achievement cannot be achieved without the support from friends from various social circles.

In the face of the increasing import and export cargoes and the terminal handling volume, the Dapeng Customs has taken measures such as allocating more staff and extending the inspection hours to ensure inspection can go smoothly during the peak period. In terms of export inspection, thanks to the efficient inspection of Dapeng Customs, zero queuing and zero backlog of cargoes were realized, which solved the urgent need of cargo onwers to "catch up with the vessel schedule", and the cargoes were shipped out smoothly. In terms of import inspection, a new cold chain inspection platform was launched under the cooperation between YANTIAN and the Dapeng Customs, adding 29 new inspection slots to serve the increasing demand for reefer container inspection brought by the epidemic more effectively. In August, the Dapeng Customs completed inspection on more than 10,000 inbound and outbound containers, a year-on year increase of 18%.

The initiatives taken by the Dapeng Customs in cargo inspection have improved the clearance environment of Yantian Port and facilitated the efficient operation of port.