October 20, 2020
"156yt" Platform Launched
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"156yt"  Platform Launched
"156yt"  Platform Launched

On 20 October 2020, “156yt”, the smart logistics platform of Yantian Port, was officially launched. “156yt” integrates the five existing systems of Yantian Port, including Yesinfo, eXpress, Miscellaneous Charge System, Safety and Security Data Center, and Pre-Advice System, making it the only one-stop integrated port information service platform in Yantian Port.

“156yt” is available to all users of Yantian Port, including shippers, freight forwarders, shipping lines, shipping agents, customs brokers, supply chain companies, warehousing and logistics, trading companies, tractor companies, shipping service companies, relevant government departments and port supervisory authorities. On the platform, users can process port-related services such as checking information of container, ship and tractor, inspection and release by port supervisory authorities, e-payment, pre-declaration of the incoming tractors, etc., which significantly improves the logistics efficiency, reduces costs and upgrades service experience.

“156yt” is a new attempt to build a digital port at YANTIAN. By fully tapping and integrating port supply chain big data resources, a comprehensive port information service platform integrating "port services + customs services + shipping services + trucking services" is formed. In the future, the platform will continue to develop services such as convenient clearance, special services of Yantian Port, supply chain management, logistics finance, shipping e-settlement, etc. according to needs of customers and provide customers with better, more efficient and more developed one-stop port logistics information solutions. By further enhancing the service capability of the digital port ecosystem of YANTIAN and improving the level of data interconnection and intercommunication among all aspects of logistics, Yantian Port is en route to become a smart, green and world-class port.


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