December 8, 2020
YANTIAN Holds a Signing Ceremony for Strategic Cooperation in Intermodal Service
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Patrick Lam, Managing Director of YANTIAN, attended the ceremony and made a speech.
YANTIAN​ signed the "1+2+N" agreement with China Railway Guangzhou.
YANTIAN​ signed the strategic cooperation statements with other five partners in intermodal service.

On 8 December 2020, YANTIAN signed the “1+2+N” agreement with China Railway Guangzhou Group Co., Ltd. (Guangzhou Railway Group) and strategic cooperation statements with five logistics companies, namely Hunan Anxun Logistics and Transportation Co., Ltd, Jiangmen City Hetie Logistics Development Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Qihang Logistics Co., Ltd, Shenzhen Taifu Logistics Co., Ltd, and Shenzhen City Tee-High United Logistics Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Guests and client representatives from relevant government departments, China Railway Guangzhou attended the signing ceremony. Patrick Lam, Managing Director of YANTIAN, made a speech.

With the signing of the “1 (one goal) + 2 (two pilots) + N (unlimited potential in cooperation opportunities)" cooperation agreement, YANTIAN will further integrate railway resources with Guangzhou Railway Group to improve transport efficiency, and the two sides will work together to promote the sustainable and healthy development of intermodal service.

At the same time, with the signing of strategic cooperation statements, YANTIAN and the five partners will further share resources based on complementary strengths and join forces to promote the all-round, and in-depth cooperation of intermodal service in Hunan, Jiangxi, Heshan, and other regions, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

For a long time, YANTIAN has been committed to the development of the intermodal services of its Pingyan Railway, extending its services to the hinterland of China to facilitate the rapid development of export-oriented economy of the inland areas. With the support of Shenzhen Municipal Government and Guangzhou Railway Group, YANTIAN will continue to contribute to the “Shenzhen Port Alliance - Green Port Chain" project and provide better logistics services to its customers.