July 5, 2021
YANTIAN Resumes Full Operations
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YANTIAN handles approximately 40,000 TEU containers and about 20,000 tractors at the gatehouse on a daily basis, demonstrating the terminal’s operations have returned to normal levels.

Over the past month,

YANTIAN has made arduous efforts  

to fight against COVID-19 and  

to resume normal operations

Meanwhile, it has brought in new shipping services, and

enhanced new facilities and technologies to

harness its service strengths.

Fight against Covid-19 and Resume Terminal Operations

YANTIAN Resumes Normal Operations in the Shortest Time

Over the past month, YANTIAN has faced tough challenges of restoring full operations while ensuring COVID-19 prevention and control measures are in place. It has been racing against time to minimize the impact of the pandemic on terminal operations.

With the full support and guidance from various government departments, YANTIAN has conducted nucleic acid tests for all its staff members, arranged dedicated dorms and dorm-to-port transport for frontline operators, and put in place a full set of precautionary measures for onboard operations. All staff members of YANTIAN have united as one to fight against the pandemic and do their part to restore normal terminal operations.

Since June 24, YANTIAN has resumed operations at all its 20 berths. Now it handles approximately 40,000 TEU and about 20,000 tractors at the gatehouse on a daily basis, both of which have returned to normal levels. All major shipping lines have resumed their vessel calls at YANTIAN, and more importantly, the port has welcomed a number of new services. All these are testament to the confidence of cargo owners and shipping lines in YANTIAN’s resilience and emergency preparedness. The full recovery of YANTIAN’s terminal operations has helped to maintain the normal operation of international trade and the global supply chain.

World-class Hub Port

Expanding International Service Network 

In June,YANTIAN has strengthened its efforts to respond to COVID-19, and at the same time, explore initiatives to improve performance, enhancing communication and coordination with customers, and attracting new services. It welcomed three new American services even during the most challenging time posed by COVID-19:

  • CAWE6

  • PCC3

  • USEC8



As of the end of June, YANTIAN welcomed over 20 new international services and will have three more new services in July. More new services are expected to come. With over 100 weekly services spanning around the globe, paired with barge and intermodal services,YANTIAN is able to provide its customers with premium and resilient logistics solutions.  

Terminal Facilities and Technology Enhancements

To Deliver Operational and Service Excellence

In June,YANTIAN received 18 new RTGCs, eight of which are automated and remote-controlled ones. The new generation of quay cranes are conducive to promoting the safety and stability of operation, enhancing the predictability of operation process, and improving the working environment.

It has also carried out heightening project for some of the quay cranes to meet the growing needs of mega-vessels calling at the port and to deliver premium terminal services to the shipping lines and cargo owners.

In addition, YANTIAN has worked with the port supervisory authorities including the Customs, the Frontier Inspection, and the Maritime Safety Administration to streamline clearance procedures to boost operational efficiency of the port. Recently,YANTIAN successfully performed the first bonded bunkering operation for a long-haul vessel, demonstrating the enhancements of its capabilities. 

Based in Shenzhen, serving South China and the world, YANTIAN continues to harness its leading position in the port industry. Meanwhile, through its eco-friendly technologies, it is able to reduce the carbon footprint of its terminal operations. It is committed to creating economic and social values and contributing to the economic growth of Shenzhen and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area.

YANTIAN is powering ahead with strength and resilience.