August 20, 2021
Yantian Sets New Record for Single Vessel Operation in China by Handling 22,398 TEU
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We are pleased to announce that Yantian has broken two records for single vessel operation in two days with 21,472 TEU and 22,398 TEU being handled respectively, setting new records for single vessel operation in South China and the country!

On August 17, Yantian completed the lifting of 21,472 TEU for “APL RAFFLES”, breaking the record of 18,447 TEU set last year and marking the record number of boxes handled for a single vessel in South China.

1.jpgUpon the arrival of “APL RAFFLES” at Berth #11 of Yantian, the terminal’s operation team is ready to go all out to create a new operation record.

On August 19, just two days later, Yantian handled a total of 22,398 TEU while serving “MSC FLAVIA” in a very short timeframe. It is not only a new record in South China but also an all-time new record for single vessel operation in China!

2.jpg“MSC FLAVIA” at Yantian

Yantian made careful planning for the operations for the two vessels with such huge volume of containers in short order while acting on the stringent COVID-19 repsonse protocols. For example, “MSC FLAVIA” is 365.8 meters long, 48.4 meters wide, with a carrying capacity of 12,967 TEU. During her call at Yantian, the vessel was loaded with 11,081 TEU and unloaded 11,317 TEU. Accordingly, Yantian made a scientific arrangement of berths, berthing time, quay crane allocation, location of stacking at container yard and operation priorities for the vessel. When the vessel called at the berth, Yantian allocated resources in a coordinated manner, balanced the operation capacity of the container yard, and reasonably arranged the loading and unloading operations. Each step of the whole process was closely interconected.

Commenting on this achievement, Mr. Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Yantian, said, “It is indeed a great challenge to handle such huge volume of containers in a short timeframe swiftly and smoothly, while upkeeping stringent COVID preventive and control measures at the port. Thanks to our team’s restless efforts and dedication, we made this happen and broke the record two times in a row. I would also like to thank shipping lines’ continuous confidence in Yantian’s capabilities, efficiency and service level.”

3.jpg“MSC FLAVIA” ready to depart after cargo handling completed at Yantian.

Just over a week ago, Yantian welcomed the inaugural call of the world’s largest container vessel “Ever Ace”. Yantian handled the largest volume of container among the five ports of call on her maiden voyage, more important, it is her only port of call in South China. This year, Yantian has received 23 new services, signifying a vote of confidence in Yantian from shipping lines and cargo owners. In addition, “APL RAFFLES” and “MSC FLAVIA”, which are deployed on the American services, unloaded approximately 19,500 TEU of empty containers and provided more shipping space for cargo export. That, to a certain extent, helped ease the shortage of containers and shipping space for importers and exporters of South China.

In light of all the challenges facing the logistics industry amid COVID-19 pandemic, Yantian will spare no efforts to work with government departments and stakeholders of the supply chain to safeguard the smooth operation of international logistics and facilitate the high-quality development of foreign trade in Shenzhen and South China.