October 1, 2021
New Monthly Throughput Record to Pay Tribute to the 72nd Anniversary of PRC
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On the occasion of the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, YANTIAN had good news from the its frontline. Despite the pressure brought by the stringent measures against COVID-10 as well as the shipping peak season, YANTIAN handled more than 1.43 million TEU in September, setting a new record of monthly throughput of the year. It also  marks the second highest in the history of YANTIAN.

Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports Yantian, said, "This year has been an extremely extraordinary year. Under the guidance and support of governments at all levels and port supervisory authorities, in the face of the pandemic and the complicated global trade landscape, people of YANTIAN have made every effort to achieve throughput growth in the first three quarters, with the number of shipping services up 15% year-on-year. I would like to convey my deep appreciation to all our staff members, especially those who are under the closed-loop management, whose unceasing dedication and contributions have made this possible. And all these efforts pay tribute to the 72nd anniversary of China."


(Port of Yantian in the early 1990s and 2021. YANTIAN has witnessed the tremendous achievements of China’s reform and opening-up, and it has also contributed to the development of the regional economy and the economic take-off of Guangdong and even South China.)

While upkeeping stringent COVID-19 preventive and control measures at the port, YANTIAN has been able to improve performance in terminal operations and explore new services. By end of September, a total of 110 services connecting YANTIAN to major ports worldwide were calling at the port, including 64 Europe and U.S. services, ranking first in South China.

Since this year, YANTIAN has accomplished a number of achievements:

On 1 February, YANTIAN handled its 200 millionth TEU. Since the first container it handled in 1994, YANTIAN's cumulative throughput reached 200 million TEU, a world record it achieved as a port run by a single terminal operator in a mere 26.5 years. If 200 million TEU are connected end to end, they can go around the equator 30 times; if 200 million TEU are stacked together, they can go from the earth to the moon.

On 11 August, the world's largest container vessel “Ever Ace” made its maiden call at YANTIAN. Measuring a length of 400 meters, “Ever Ace” 63 meters longer than the world's largest aircraft carrier in service. YANTIAN is its only port of call in South China.

On 19 August, YANTIAN created a new record by handling 22,398 TEU for “MSC FLAVIA”, following the milestone of lifting 21,472 TEU for “APL RAFFLES” only two days ago. It also marked the record number of boxes handled for a single vessel in China.

On 27 September, YANTIAN won the accolade of "Customer-Satisfied Container Terminal" presented by China Shipping Gazette, a renowned publication of the shipping industry. In addition, the Yantian-Changping (Green 100) and Yantian-Pinghu South intermodal services were recognised as “2021 Excellent Cases of Container Sea-Railway Combined Transportation”.

In September, YANTIAN handled over 1.43 million TEUs, marking the second highest monthly throughput in the termina’s history.

YANTIAN seizes the opportunity brought by the Greater Bay Area to facilitate the high-quality development of China's international trade and contribute to the smooth logistics flow in the Greater Bay Area and the stability of the global supply chain.


In the face of the peak shipping season during the National Day holidays, Lawrence Shum, Managing Director of Hutchison Ports Yantian, led a team to conducted inspections on measures for COVID-19 prevention and workplace safety at the frontline of the terminal, including the engineering maintenance center, dangerous cargo yard, LNG gas station and residential areas of operators working in high-risk conditions, etc. While complying with the stringent COVID-19 preventative measures, YANTIAN attached great importance to safety production to ensure safe and efficient production during the holiday season and provide premium and convenient services to its customers.mmexport1633768828986.jpg

Looking ahead, YANTIAN will continue leveraging opportunities brought by the Greater Bay Area and the dual-circulation development paradigm, build a "golden channel" for cross-border trade, develop a new landscape for YANTIAN as a world-class hub port, and contribute to the growth of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area.