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As a branch of the Shenzhen Maritime Safety Administration (MSA), Yantian MSA is responsible for monitoring the waters east of Shenzhen, including the waters surrounding Yantian Port. And, owing to the busy marine traffic at the Port, the frequent inbound and outbound international vessels, as well as the vagaries of marine weather, Yantian MSA is also responsible for marine traffic safety and the prevention of pollution by ships in these waters. With ever-increasing marine traffic and shipping services, Yantian MSA is committed to maintaining an orderly and clean marine environment to facilitate the development of the port and shipping industry.

In addition to keeping its law enforcement and management practices in line with the relevant international standards, Yantian MSA has also developed an information management system that is linked to YICT and other relevant organisations, enabling supervision of the port area through a CCTV system, and real-time monitoring and alarm for oil spill incidents.


Yantian MSA is responsible for internal issues, such as administration, permit applications and local enforcement of regulations, and also external matters, such as on-site supervision and patrol. They also provide the port and shipping industry with a full range of marine services. All relevant business is entirely processed at the declaration counters, including applications for port entry and exit permits for vessels sailing within China, the inspection of international vessels as they enter or leave the port, the declaration and approval of dangerous goods, and the imposition of relevant port charges.


Duty Office: (86-755) 2529 0310 (24 hours)
Marine Emergency and Helpline: 12395
Complaint Hotline: (86-755) 2529 0314
Shenzhen MSA: