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The Yantian Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau (Yantian CIQ), based in the Joint Inspection Building, is responsible for the inspection and quarantine of import and export cargo and for the supervision of vessel arrivals and departures at Yantian Port.

Using leading-edge technology, Yantian CIQ has developed a number of information processes to enhance the efficiency of import and export cargo declaration.

In July 2005, Yantian CIQ launched a self-service Automatic Data Interchange System. Using this system, enterprises are able to enquire about, update, view and batch process data and documents in different formats remotely via their own computers and from the comfort of their own offices. The system is not only convenient for companies, it also helps minimise errors that could occur while updating documentation and at the same time increase declaration efficiency.

In 2007, Yantian CIQ developed an automatic container sterilisation process, which substantially improved the sterilisation efficiency by 50%, taking now only one minute to complete for one container. Besides, the sterilisation apparatus runs 24 hours a day, saving at least 16, 000 hours for enterprises.

In 2008, under cooperation with Yantian CIQ, YICT had successfully passed an assessment by the World Health Organization, becoming one of the first ports in the world to garner an "International Sanitary Port" distinction.

In 2010, Yantian CIQ launched the CIQ-RDS system, which features convenient one-stop services, inspection application through interlinked network, paperless operations, information enquiry services, and an interactive zone for CIQ and enterprises.

Via Yesinfo (, the Yantian International Logistics Information Service Platform, Yantian CIQ is able to implement numerous initiatives including the pre-inspection of import empty containers, paperless office operations, the direct release of empty containers from non-epidemic regions, and vessel pre-declaration. For example, a shipping company can transmit electronic data to Yantian CIQ via Yesinfo before its vessel arrives at the port, allowing Yantian CIQ to analyse the data sent to determine which containers need to be inspected. Meanwhile, having simultaneously received the inspection instructions, YICT can then deliver these pre-determined containers directly to the inspection site upon the vessel's arrival, thus minimising any unnecessary time the container spends at the terminal as well as reducing costs for the customers.

With its Express Port Inspection System, Yantian CIQ is able to obtain electronic booking information and cargo declarations in advance. The system then processes the information received in accordance with inspection and quarantine regulations, and afterwards sends in advance inspection or release instructions to the terminal's operations department as well as to the import/export companies. The express electronic transmission thus provides a more efficient cargo flow.

To cope with the round-the-clock operations at YICT, Yantian CIQ has, since 2005, extended its inspection services to operate 365 days a year. An open day was held every Tuesday to allow face to face communication between representatives of enterprises and the CIQ Director. An enquiry counter at the declaration hall of Yantian CIQ has also been set up for on-site enquiries.


Supervision and Complaint Hotline: (86-755) 2529 0272 / 2529 0270;
Services Consultation: (86-755) 2529 0277; Fax: (86-755) 2529 0141
CIQ Certificate Verification: (86-755) 2529 0274
Office: (86-755) 2529 3053 / 2529 0294
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