February 27, 2023
Exchange and Communication: Guangdong IFA Visits YANTIAN for New Business Opportunities
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A Brand New Start

On the morning of February 23, the annual meeting of Shenzhen Branch of Guangdong (China) Imported Food Association (hereinafter referred to as IFA) was successfully held at YANTIAN. Xu Xiya, President of IFA Shenzhen Branch, and representatives of more than 20 member companies visited YANTIAN. The guests were impressed by the progress YANTIAN has made over the past 30 years, and were confident in exploring new opportunities together for food imports. 


Linda Lin, Senior Manager of Commercial Department of YANTIAN, extended a warm welcome to IFA member companies, which was followed by an introduction to the development of YANTIAN and its advantages in cold chain service.  After the meeting, visitors visited supporting logistics facilities like Yantian Port Bonded Exhibition and Trading Center for Imported Commodities and the "17+1" National Pavilion of Yantian District. The guests spoke highly of YANTIAN's efficient terminal operation and top-notch cold chain services.

Promising Future for Food Import Trade 

2022 China Imported Food Industry Report shows that China's food imports grew 24.5% year-on-year, hitting a new high in the past decade. Among them, Guangdong's food imports grew 21% year-on-year, accounting for 1/5, topping the list. China stays committed to deepening opening-up and makes every effort to build a market-oriented business environment. In this context, food import industry has tremendous potential given emerging development opportunities and growing consumer demand.


IFA Shenzhen Branch was established last year with members from food import, agency, sales and catering, cold chain logistics, clearance, warehousing, e-commerce services and other related industries in South China, many of whom are long-term customers of YANTIAN. Through this field trip, YANTIAN has attracted more customers thanks to its status as the terminal-of-choice for imports.

Preferred Port for Cold Chain Imports in South China

With its extensive service network, efficient operation, convenient clearance procedures, and well-developed facilities for reefer cargoes, YANTIAN is now the hub port for imports from countries and regions such as Americas, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia. It is the preferred port for cold chain imports in South China, the third largest port for imported frozen meat in China, accounting for over 95% of all frozen meat imports in Shenzhen. In recent years, YANTIAN has focused on wine, dairy products, fruit, pre-packaged food imports and its fruit imports increased by more than 600% in 2022.


In the future, YANTIAN will keep vigorously expanding its import service by strengthening cooperation with shipping lines to attract more international services to call at the port, and cementing the ties with customers to offer convenient and one-stop import service.