February 27, 2023
Maiden Voyage in South China | Imported LNG Tank Containers from Canada Successfully Arrived in YANTIAN
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On February 22, the ship "EUROPE UM308N" loaded with imported liquefied natural gas (hereinafter referred to as "LNG") tank containers berthed at Hutchison Ports YANTIAN (YANTIAN). And the first tank container filled with LNG, which was purchased from Canada by CIMC Enric Holdings Limited, was successfully discharged. This was the first LNG tank container imported in South China, which marked the successful opening of the global channel of LNG supply resources in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.


The success of this imported LNG tank container project thanks to the strong support of Shenzhen Customs and the subordinate Dapeng Customs, Maritime Safety Bureau of Yantian District, Industry and Information Technology Bureau of Yantian District, the Authority of Qianhai, CIMC Enric Holdings Limited, COSCO SHIPPING Logistics and other parties concerned.


In recent years, with the continuous promotion of the "14th Five-Year" Comprehensive Plan for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction, China's LNG demand will continue to maintain the trend of rapid growth. As an important supplement to LNG maritime transportation, it is of great significance to meet the needs of local clean energy utilization, to build a diversified clean energy logistics system and to improve port service functions.

As the fourth hub port in the world and the first in South China that is cable of LNG filling for vessels, YANTIAN is again able to provide services for LNG containers as "the first in South China" within just 3 months, relying on YANTIAN's world-class port service capabilities. In order to ensure the smooth operations of the LNG tank containers, YANTIAN actively cooperated with Dapeng Customs, Yantian Maritime Safety Bureau, joint inspections and other related departments, to complete detailed risk assessments and set up emergency procedures with the strict implementations of all parties. The successful arrival of the first batch of LNG tank containers in YANTIAN is a new beginning, and it is believed that more LNG cargoes will come to YANTIAN in the future to supply the entire Greater Bay Area, and contribute to Shenzhen's construction of building an LNG trading hub city and realizing the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals at an early date.


As the world's largest single container terminal, YANTIAN has outstanding natural advantages as a deep-water port, with nearly 100 weekly services connecting the world, forming a dense global network including a total of 44 services per week covering major LNG export sources such as the United States and Australia, which means the average of our services mentioned above is at least 6 vessels per day, the highest in the Greater Bay Area.

In the meantime, YANTIAN has extensive and professional experience in the operation of special containers. In 2022, the imports and exports volume of dangerous goods via YANTIAN increased by 75% year-on-year, making it the most important import and export port for dangerous goods in South China.

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Mr. Anthony Finch, Vice Consul General and Senior Trade Commissioner of Canadian Consulate General in Guangzhou, said, "Many thanks to YANTIAN, CIMC Enric and COSCO SHIPPING Logistics for hosting the maiden voyage ceremony of imported LNG. Growing up next to the Port of Halifax, Canada, I was touched when I visited the Yantian Port Area this afternoon, and marveled at the excellent and professional terminal service level of YANTIAN. I was very happy to learn that YANTIAN has more than 10 services calling at the Canadian ports as well. Canada is the world's fifth largest LNG exporter, and China is the world's largest LNG importer, so I am full of confidence that there will be a win-win cooperation between China and Canada in the green energy aspect in the future. In the meantime, more Canadian featured products will be imported via Yantian to China in the future."

YANTIAN will continue to promote the construction of green port, and strictly implement green port services with high standards, to protect the environment and achieve mutual benefits in corporate efficiency and social responsibility, and drive the acceleration of the high-quality development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area with the clean and environmentally friendly energy.