March 31, 2023
YANTIAN Welcomes Two World's Largest Container Vessels within 6 days
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On March 26, YANTIAN welcomed the 24,188-TEU M.V. OOCL SPAIN, the world's largest container vessel, in succession to the 24,116-TEU M.V. MSC TESSA, breaking the record of operating the world's largest container vessels twice within 6 days. Both of the two mega-vessels chose Yantian Port as their last port of call in China.

"Castle on the Sea" and the "King of Shipments".

OOCL SPAIN is a world-class green container vessel built by China, and is one of the largest vessels in the world. It is known as the "Castle on the Sea" and the "King of Shipments".


The mega-vessel has been deployed on the Asia-Europe service of the Ocean Alliance. It greatly improves the shipping capacity of Yantian Port and provides ampler shipping space for importers and exporters in the Greater Bay Area, driving the high-quality development of the region's international trade sector.

Why do MSC TESSA and the OOCL SPAIN choose YANTIAN as their last port of call in China?

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When fully loaded, the 24,188 TEUs of containers of OOCL SPAIN could be connected end-to-end from Shenzhen to Guangzhou (about 145 km). As the largest container terminal run by a single operator in the world, YANTIAN has the unique 18-metre-deep and 475-metre-wide natural navigation channel in the Greater Bay Area that can allow 7/24 passage of 200,000-ton vessels in both directions with "zero- time difference" and "zero tide tidal range".


The OOCL SPAIN has higher requirements for the port's handling capabilities. Currently, YANTIAN can handle one container in just 2 seconds, safely and efficiently handle both import and export cargo, as well as transshipment cargo for the vessels at the same time, saving costs for customers, ensuring timely departure of the vessels.

Safety, order, efficiency, and eco-friendliness represent YANTIAN. Almost all mega-vessels that call at ports in South China choose to berth at YANTIAN. It has become a common sight in the port to handle six 200,000-ton-vessels simultaneously, the world's largest container vessels. 

A Preferred Port of Call for Mega-vessels 

Both of the two mega vessels that called this time are the first of their series, and there will be more such vessels in the future. In addition to mega vessels, YANTIAN is also the terminal of choice for Europe and US services. In March, YANTIAN welcomed two new services, which are:

🚢  March 22  The newly upgraded Asia-Europe DRAGON service of MSC
The service connects Asia, Israel, Italy, and southern France, and YANTIAN is its last port of call in China.

🚢  March 24  FBOL (FESCO Baltorient Line) of FESCO 
This service connects China directly to St. Petersburg, saving the needs for transshipment at European ports. YANTIAN is its last port of call in China.


By far, YANTIAN has approximately 100 international services, covering major trade routes in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. More than 60% of the services are long-haul eastbound or westbound services for ocean carriers, providing customers with stable and diverse shipping offerings. As the last port of call for major carriers and services in China, YANTIAN will try its best to transport cargo to the rest of the world in the shortest time possible.

Being a preferred port of call and the last port of call for the world's mega-vessels, and we are committed to providing safe and secure shipping services for all customers as part of our ongoing effort to establish a world-class shipping hub.