April 10, 2023
New Service: Intermodal Cold Chain Service from YANTIAN to Ganzhou
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Leveraging its advantages in wide coverage, large transport capacity, and low cost, Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited (PML) launches an express service for reefer cargo. On April 8, the first train carrying fifteen 40-foot containers of refrigerated juice from Brazil left the Yantian Station and headed for the Ganzhou International Port Station with the "one container to the end" model.

This is the first case of PML in 2023 of transporting refrigerated juice by rail, marking a significant progress of cold chain logistics and laying a solid foundation for much more cold chain import and export to come. 

20230408 “盐田-赣州”海铁联运冷链班列开行 5.jpg

How to keep cool during transportation?

All trains and containers must be clean, non-toxic, free of any odor and contamination, and regularly treated with preventive disinfection. 

In order to ensure the safe departure and fresh delivery of cargo, YANTIAN used two "8+1 mechanical insulation trains". A train is equipped with a power generator and 8 cold chain panels to carry 8 refrigerated containers. The trains are characterised by low refrigeration temperature, flexible temperature adjustment, and long-lasting constant temperature, which can ensure high-quality transportation of various reefer cargo.

20230408 “盐田-赣州”海铁联运冷链班列开行 10.jpg

What are the advantages of rail cold chain transportation compared to traditional land transportation?

● It can greatly save logistics costs.
● Its huge transportation capacity can fully meet the shipper's bulk transportation needs.
● Refrigerated containers can be precisely temperature-controlled and are not disturbed by road congestion, bad weather and other uncertain factors, offering stable and safe services.
● It can reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment.

20230408 “盐田-赣州”海铁联运冷链班列开行 7.jpg

The smooth departure of this pilot train opened up more possibilities for reefer cargo import. On this premise, YANTIAN will further make full use of our 11 inland ports, 29 intermodal services, and excellent service capabilities to vigorously develop transportation for reefer cargo and fresh freight, and other special commodities to offer "port-to-door" and "door-to-door" services for our customers, support the import and export of bulk commodities, cold chain, agricultural and sideline products. We aim to develop multi-service and multi-category operation models and build international logistics channels with stronger transportation capacity, more reasonable hub layout, more convenient multimodal transportation, and more efficient logistics services, making greater contribution to the fulfillment of carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals, and ensuring the smooth operations of the supply chain and industry chain.

Please feel free to contact us for intermodal cold chain service.
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