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YICT and Yangjiang to Cooperate on Shuttle Barge Service

Date:Sep 8, 2008

On 5 September 2008, the Yangjiang-Yantian Barge Service Agreement was officially signed between YICT and the Yangjiang Municipal Government. Under this agreement, export goods from Yangjiang can be shipped to Yantian via regular barge services. By using YICT's frequent European and North American services and efficient port services, Yangjiang's export industry now has a more economical logistics solution for shipping goods overseas.

Yangjiang is well known as the "City of Knives and Scissors" in China and is one of the new and important centres for labour-intensive industries transferring from the Pearl River Delta. Located in western Guangdong Province, the city of Yangjiang is 350 kilometres away from Shenzhen (210 nautical miles via waterway). Because of rising oil and raw materials prices, road transport costs continue to increase and have adversely affected the local export industries. To help solve this problem, the Yangjiang Municipal Government has begun promoting the more cost-effective and environmentally friendly waterway transport. By using regular shuttle barge services between Yangjiang Port and Yantian Port, which provides frequent international shipping services, Yangjiang's export industry is well-placed to greatly benefit from this "all-water" solution.

After signing the agreement, the Yangjiang Municipal Government will work together with the local Customs and CIQ offices to carry out streamlined support services covering transportation, inspection, customs clearance and port operations, with the primary aim of facilitating the city's participation in international trade.

Cooperation between YICT and Yangjiang not only provides export industries in western Guangdong with an efficient and cost-effective waterway access to international markets, bo promotes the development of the region’s local enterprises.