September 10, 2021
Role Model of the Port Sector in the New Era | Be the Light for the Voyage
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From the first container it handled since its inception to the 10 million, 100 million and 200 million TEU milestones in throughput, over the past two decades, Hutchison Ports Yantian (YANTIAN) has evolved into a world-class container port. The whole process resembles education, which cannot live without good teachers and a good environment.

On the occasion of the Teachers’ Day, representatives from Yantian visited Tianxin Primary School in Yantian District to send the best wishes of the festival. They had an in-depth discussion with the school leaders on the company -school cooperation and the exchange between Tianxin Primary School and the Yunnan Dahaicun Hope Primary School, sharing a vision of the growth and success of the young generation. Meanwhile, YANTIAN took this occasion to extend cordial greetings to all the teachers and educators, and wished everyone a happy Teachers’ Day.


YANTIAN is fully aware of the significance of education in promoting the development of the whole society, and it takes determined actions to support education during its own growth. We join hands with Dalian Maritime University and Shenzhen University, providing opportunities for students to experience the industry so as to groom future leaders of the industry. We help build a school for the children in mountainous area in Yunnan province, providing opportunities for them to go out of the mountains, and sowing seeds of hope.

2.jpgYANTIAN hosted a summer camp for Yunnan Dahaicun Hope Primary School in Shenzhen. By 2019, YANTIAN has held summer camps for the Hope Primary School for 14 consecutive years.

3.jpgYANTIAN offers a three-week internship to students from Dalian Maritime University and Shenzhen University. By 2019, YANTIAN has organized summer internships for the two universities for 13 consecutive years.

A responsible corporate citizen, YANTIAN has been keen at contributing back to the society. It hopes to invigorate education through its own efforts, and help the young generations to open up their horizons, develop themselves, and shape a better future.