September 19, 2021
Here Comes the "Gift Package" for the Holidays
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How to better cope with the shipping peak season during the National Day holiday is always the focus of the international logistics industry. The situation this year is even more special, as the global supply chain under the pandemic is full of uncertainty.

In order to cater to the shipping demand of customers during the peak season, YANTIAN launched new measures before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day to optimise the reservation mechanism for the in-gate of export laden containers. In the face of the biggest challenge in history, YANTIAN, as an important port which serves one-third of the export container traffic of Guangdong province, will firmly work together with our customers to overcome difficulties.


 In-gate of export laden containers before the National Day is relaxed to ETB-10

To cater to the demand of shipping companies and cargo owners for early shipment before the festival, and to truly "care what customers care", YANTIAN relaxed the ETB-7 (within 7 days of the vessel’s ETB) to ETB-10 from September 24 to 30. Customers can contact the shipping lines for details.

Although this short-term optimisation measure will increase the pressure of storage for the container yard and bring more challenges to the port operations, by relaxing the restrictions on ETB for in-gate export laden containers, it can facilitate shippers to arrange their shipping plans in advance, allowing them for the delivery of export laden containers to the terminal before the holiday so that they can fully enjoy the National Day holiday.


Targeted measures launched by the Government to relieve storage pressure

In view of the lack of land for container storage inside and outside of the port, YANTIAN keeps close communication with relevant government authorities regarding the issue to seek their permissions for land use around the port area and other areas as temporary storage yards. Government authorities attach great importance to this issue and launch targeted measures to provide land for the terminal as temporary yards, thus enabling the terminal to receive more export laden containers, relieving the pressure generated by huge volume of export laden containers flowing to the port and addressing the difficulty of enterprises.

In the face of the severe pandemic worldwide, as the leading gateway serving import and export container traffic in South China, YANTIAN will continue to work together with the whole industry to improve the efficiency and service level of shipping services for importers and exporters while upkeeping stringent COVID-19 preventive measures under the support of government authorities at all levels, contributing to China’s efforts of “stabilising international trade”.

We wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day!