September 25, 2021
Yantian District Government Efficiently Alleviates Land Shortage for Container Storage
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Thanks to the concerted effort of multiple departments of Yantian District Government, about 40,000 square meters of land was leased to YANTIAN as a temporary storage yard. All formalities and preliminary construction were completed in only 4 days, and the yard was delivered on September 22. This is part of the efforts of Yantian District Governments to help YANTIAN be well prepared for the shipping peak season during the National Day holiday, relieve the storage pressure of the port, and ensure the stability of transportation for international trade.


 Pressure in Yantian Port increased greatly due to the deceleration of the global maritime supply chain

Given the severe pandemic situation overseas and the advent of the export peak season in South China, issues like lack of shipping space, chaotic schedules, and vessel delays have frequently occurred. As an important gateway for import and export of China, YANTIAN continued to improve operational efficiency by the allocation of more resources and optimisation of operation flow, while upkeeping the stringent COVID-19 preventative measures as required by governments at all levels. The throughput of August ascended to 1.25 million TEU and is expected to further grow in September.

As Yantian port is the last port of call for long-haul vessels in South China, under the new normal of container shipping, severe backlog of export laden containers and international transshipment containers occurs, with the stacking time being three times of that in normal times. The lack of land for container storage has become a new issue affecting the smooth operation of the port and the export sector.


Yantian District Government utilises idle land to relieve storage pressure

In September, Yantian Port is preparing for the shipping peak season before the National Day holiday, so it is urgent to relieve storage pressure to ensure the smooth flow of foreign trade cargo. Facing the heavy pressure posed by container storage at the yard, YANTIAN has actively communicated with government authorities and applied to Yantian District Government on September 9 for the lease of the idle land in the northwest of the intersection of the Shenyan Road and the Yantian Integrated Bonded Area viaduct as a temporary storage yard. The CPC Yantian District Committee and Yantian District Government attached great importance to this issue. The Urban Renewal and Land Management Bureau of Yantian District facilitated the approval of YANTIAN's application, and 40,000 square meters of land was agreed to be temporarily leased to YANTIAN at a special meeting on September 17.

Later, government departments such as Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Urban Renewal and Land Management Bureau, Land Planning Supervision Bureau, Urban Management Bureau, Subdistrict Office,  Resources Planning Bureau, Traffic Management Office of Yantian District, and the Economic Development Service Center of the Yantian Integrated Bonded Area collaborated efficiently to complete all formalities and preliminary construction in only 4 days, and the yard was delivered on September 22.


How to better cope with the shipping peak season during the National Day holiday is always the focus of the international logistics industry. The situation this year is even more special, as the global supply chain under the pandemic is full of uncertainty. The temporary storage yard can effectively relieve the storage pressure on Yantian Port, which serves one-third of the export container traffic of Guangdong province. At present, YANTIAN plans to stack about 7,000 TEU of empty containers in this temporary yard to free up more space in the on-dock container yard for export laden containers.