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May 4, 2020
YANTIAN Provides Handling Services for Negative Pressure Ambulance

Recently, a negative pressure ambulance (NPA) manufactured by Jiangling Motors Corp was loaded onto a China COSCO Shipping vessel at Yantian Port for shipment to South Asia.

April 26, 2020
YANTIAN Launches the New Service Mode of “Phase in and Phase out”

On 25 April 2020, YANTIAN launched the new service mode of the “phase in and phase out (PIPO)”.

April 21, 2020
YANTIAN Receives A New Feeder Service “Huangpu-Hong Kong-YANTIAN”

On 19 April, YANTIAN welcomed the first feeder vessel of the "Huangpu-Hong Kong-YANTIAN" service.

April 16, 2020
YANTIAN Launches Another Regular Container Rail Service

On 10 April 2020, the Heshan Service operated by YANTIAN’s Pingyan Railway (Yantian-Pinghu South-Jiangmen North) became a regular container rail service.

March 20, 2020
Scientific Inspection for Vessels to Ensure Smooth Port Operation

Late on the night of 18 March 2020, after a vessel from an epidemic-prone area docked at a berth, staff of the No. 2 Ship Supervision Office of the Dapeng Customs who were already waiting there boarded immediately to conduct entry inspection on the vessel.

March 4, 2020
YANTIAN—PML Transports Urgent Cargo for ZTE

During the period of the COVID-19 outbreak, YANTIAN’s intermodal operations remain normal and is able to provide a variety of options for cargo transportation. Shenzhen Pingyan Multimodal Company Limited (PML) actively adopts precautionary measures for epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time flexibly adjust the operation arrangement for the customer needs.

February 28, 2020
New Modes of Clearance “Shipside Pickup and Loading” Launched at Yantian Port

Recently, the Dapeng Customs has launched innovative measures such as "shipside pickup" and "shipside loading" to meet the business needs of liner companies and cargo owners, reduce cost for clearance, and enhance international competitiveness of Yantian Port.

February 18, 2020
To Stand with Hutchison Ports Yantian

As we welcome the Year of the Rat, we have been encountering unavoidable challenges due to the country-wide COVID-19 epidemic.We are committed to further delivering our services without compromising the safety of our employees, and at the same time follow and comply with the precautionary measures required by the government.

February 5, 2020
YANTIAN Donates Ambulance Worth 560,000 Yuan for the Campaign Against Novel Coronavirus

Hutchison Ports Yantian donated an ambulance worth RMB 560,000 for the campaign against novel coronavirus.

January 7, 2020
YANTIAN Holds Launch Ceremony for its Remote-controlled & Semi-automated Quay Cranes

On 6 January 2020, YANTIAN held the launch ceremony for its remote-controlled & semi-automated quay cranes.

December 27, 2019
YANTIAN Signs Statement of Cooperation with Dongguan Port Group

On 26 December 2019, YANTIAN signed a statement of cooperation with Dongguan Port Group for the development of inland port project.

December 13, 2019
YANTIAN Wins Top 10 Container Terminal Awards and Container Terminal with Best Integrity Service

On 11 December 2019, YANTIAN was honoured with the “Top 10 Container Terminals” and “Container Terminal with Best Integrity Service” at the 16th Jinlun Awards hosted by China Shipping Gazette.

December 3, 2019
YANTIAN Wins “2019 Most Socially Responsible Enterprise in Transportation Industry of Guangdong Province”

On 11 December 2019, YANTIAN was honoured with the “2019 Most Socially Responsible Enterprise in Transportation Industry of Guangdong Province” presented by Guangdong Provincial Transportation Association. Chen Biao, Deputy Managing Director of YANTIAN, received the award in Guangzhou.

December 2, 2019
Emergency Drill for Dangerous Goods Spill Conducted at YANTIAN

On 29 November 2019, an emergency drill for dangerous goods spill was successfully conducted at YANTIAN.

November 18, 2019
YANTIAN Holds Family Day 2019

On 16 November 2019, YANTIAN held its Family Day 2019.