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December 2, 2002
Get-together at the World of Minsk on the 2nd YICT's Family Day

On the afternoon of 30 November 2002, YICT held its second Family Day onboard the Minsk aircraft carrier, which is berthed in Sha Tou Jiao. About 4,000 staff members and their families took part.

November 20, 2002
YICT and Shenzhen Customs Sign the Memorandum of Cooperation to Develop an East Platform

On the morning of November 20, 2002, YICT and Shenzhen Customs officially signed a Memorandum of Co-operation to develop an East Platform at the 1/F Conference Room of YICT Administration Building.

November 20, 2002
China Shipping Launches New US West Coast/Far-east Service

On 19 November 2002, China Shipping’s vessel "CSCL FOS" arrived at YICT, marking the commencement of another US West Coast/Far-east service named AAS2.

November 18, 2002
Dapeng Customs Celebrates the Tenth Anniversary of Establishment

On 11 November 2002, Dapeng Customs celebrated its tenth anniversary.

November 14, 2002
Information Service via Mobile Phone Text Messaging

After a pilot run, lasting more than two months, YICT officially launched a new information service. This new service provides external truck drivers with daily container collection information for external container yards via mobile phone text messaging.

October 29, 2002
YICT Open Day 2002

On 26 October 2002, YICT opened its doors to high-school students from Yantian District once again, continuing its efforts to increase and enhance communication with the community while providing students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons.

October 9, 2002
YICT Makes Two New Records of Gate Moves

On 25 September 2002, YICT's entry gatehouse handled 12,545 containers. It even received 8,174 container trucks on the following day. These are the highest numbers since YICT commenced operations.

September 18, 2002
YICT Achieves Initial Success in Bringing Traffic under Control

On the afternoon of 17 September 2002 at Xiao Mei Sha Hotel, YICT briefed representatives from over 100 trucking companies about its work to improve terminal operations at the port as well as measures to better traffic control.

August 27, 2002
Dapeng Customs Streamlines International Transshipment Procedures

With support from Shenzhen Customs, YICT works with Dapeng Customs to launch international transshipment procedures on 28 August 2002.

August 2, 2002
Evergreen and LT Jointly Launch a New US Service at YICT

On 2 August 2002, Evergreen Marine's container vessel "Ever Diamond" arrived at YICT to commence a new weekly service WAE. This is a US service jointly operated by Evergreen and Lloyd Triestino (LT).

July 16, 2002
Dapeng Customs Has an On-site Meeting with YICT, Improving Customs Declaration Procedures

On the morning of 15 July 2002, Mr Tang Longjun, Director of Dapeng Customs, and other five Customs officers held an on-site meeting with YICT to work out Customs Clearance issues.

June 27, 2002
"K" Line Launches Another US Service at YICT

On 26 June 2002, "K" Line's container vessel "YM Tacoma" arrived at YICT to commence its new US service named PNW.

June 25, 2002
China Shipping Deploys New Service at YICT

On 11 June 2002, China Shipping's container vessel "CSCL Lianyungang" made an inaugural call to kick off its second linehaul service at YICT.

June 25, 2002
New World Alliance Launches the Fifth US Service at YICT

On 9 June 2002, "MOL Vantage" under MOL berthed at YICT to commence New World Alliance's new PSV service.

June 25, 2002
Yantian International safety knowledge with Me "--- 2002" Safety Month "series of activities kicked off

On the afternoon of June 10, 2002, Yantian International Container Terminals (YICT) began a promotional series for safety month. The general theme of these productions is "Bearing Safety Knowledge in Mind".